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40 Minute Mentoring Call with Kim

40 Minute Mentoring Call with Kim

I Can't wait to talk to you! You will be taken to my schedule once you book. 

Biblical based mentoring/Coaching using Neuro Science...Shame, scary thoughts/worry, limiting beliefs, self-esteem, relationship problems and more! 

I believe God will provide... He provides for you and for me!  Never feel bad if you need a little help... that is what God is about!!!

Pay what you can!!!   The normal price for this is $87 but you can pay what works best for you.  If times are tough, be blessed... if times are good, be a blessing!  Each Coupon Code will create the price noted when the coupon code is applied at checkout!!

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Pay $87 - be a blessing!

I suffered from anxiety and depression in my early 30's and I love to share the things I have learned to free me from my old subconscious thoughts and beliefs that I didn't even realize I had.  God made a beautiful brain for us in the Garden of Eden but now in this fallen world we need to lean into the things the bible says and the information neuro science studies support in God's Word.  I love the word of God and it is so full of ways to help you.  I can't wait to help you in any way I can so you too can have the opportunity to learn about the things that helped me so much. 

Kim Reutzel is the publisher of Womeninc Magazine, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Mentor/Coach and Teacher.  She received her masters degree in Clinical Christian Counseling in 2001. Now working on her Doctorate degree and specializing in Biblical Temperament Therapy and NeuroScience, Kim can't wait to support you in living your best life in whatever way she can through her books, courses, teachings and mentoring.  Kim has been featured on the 700 Club, The Harvest Show, and hundreds of radio stations as a featured guest. She was the founder of Inspiration for Women Ministries a Non-Denominational Pastoral Counseling Center.

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 Pay what you can!!!    If times are tough, be blessed... if times are good, be a blessing! Coupon Codes: Pay15, Pay25, Pay50, Pay65, no code pays $87.
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